Advance DD Care, LLC is a new, growing agency that provides Home and Community Based Services to individuals with developmental disabilities in Ohio since 2009. Our main office is located in Columbus, Ohio Franklin County; however, we extend our service to other counties where we continue to deliver high quality services to our clients. 

Our group is composed of direct care providers who have years of experience in providing care and assistance to individuals with disabilities.  We possess the techniques and strategies to support, assist, and instruct the individuals we serve.  We reach out to our consumers as if they were family; this gives us a means to love and assist them completely. This way we always find a way to establish a foundation and build a relationship with our consumers, while respecting boundaries at the same time.

Our goal is to fully help and satisfy our consumers, so in every aspect they can find joy in the services we provide. 

Advance DD Care, LLC upholds the principle that individuals with disabilities have a right
to enjoy the same life experiences as other community members.  Therefore, we work to
ensure that the individuals we serve live meaningful and dignified lives in their homes and in communities.  At Advance DD Care, LLC, we administer an education and training
regimen upon our staff, which prepares each member of our team to effectively manage
diverse behaviors. We pride ourselves on offering a means to assist in the personal growth of our consumers toward reaching their maximum level of independence and potential.

About Us

Advance DD Care, LLC